The NGP debut of cinematic action-adventure franchise Uncharted is one of the most anticipated titles due for release on Sony’s new portable.

Though series creator Naughty Dog isn’t behind Nathan Drake’s forthcoming handheld outing – development duties are being handled by Resistance: Retribution helmers Sony Bend - the company’s co-president Christophe Balestra spilled some details in a French language interview with, translated by NeoGAF forum user Melville.

Balestra apparently revealed that the game will take place between the events of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and action-packed follow-up Among Thieves, while the game will feature ‘interactions’ with PS3 title Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Whether this pertains to unlockables or plot crossovers – or even both – is unclear.

The game will also offer a different kind of rhythm more suited to portable play – so expect bite-sized stages and frequent checkpoints – and Balestra also suggested a swing towards a more exploratory approach, perhaps as a response to criticisms that Uncharted 2 was a little too heavy on the gunplay.

Last we saw, Uncharted NGP was certainly shaping up rather nicely, making good use of the device’s gyroscopic sensor and unique rear touch panel. Cast your eyes downwards for a compelling demonstration of this impressive-looking game.

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