Zynga's Facebook hit FarmVille has turned Gaga crazy, with a range of themed outfits, crops, and decorations.

Not to mention the ability to unlock tracks from her upcoming album.

You can also visit GagaVille, Lady Gaga's own crystal-clad farm packed to the rafters with rocket-propelled cows, bike-riding sheep, and unicorns.

You have to get your hands dirty

To gain a sneak peak of Gaga's forthcoming album, you'll have to complete a number of daily tasks - each unlocking a song.

Today's tasks, for example, are to visit Lady Gaga's farm, purchase a Crystal Flowerbed for 2,000 coins, and plant six Chrome Daisys costing 30 coins a pop.

For your efforts, you'll be rewarded with an Electric Chapel dance club to display on your farm, 2,500 coins to spend as you please, and access to Gaga's upcoming song, Electric Chapel.

You'll also receive a VIP ticket, which if collected in volume will unlock the entire Born This Way album.

Go and put your green fingers to work.

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