Two of PopCap’s titles, Chuzzle and the iconic smash-hit Plants vs Zombies, have been confirmed as heading to Android from the end of May, exclusively through the Amazon Appstore.

Both Chuzzle and Plants vs Zombies have appeared on pretty much every other platform you can think of, but their eventual appearance on Android is a welcome sight.

Chuzzle, a furry match-three game, will be available from tomorrow until May 30th, while Plants vs Zombies will begin its two-week stint on May 31st.

Both games will be free on their respective launch days, and will retail for $2.99 after that.

We’ve contacted PopCap for confirmation that the two titles will be making their way to the Android Market at the end of the exclusivity deal.

UPDATE: Popcap has told us that "no defined dates or plans [for Android Market release] at this time, but we're working on getting the games in as many channels as possible after the exclusivity period is over, as we want to reach the widest possible audience"