The global recession’s still biting hard, and there can be times when even the impossibly reasonable prices on the App Store seem a little too much to be spending on such frivolities as gaming – especially if your iTunes account shows you purchased no fewer than 38 apps last month.


So thank heavens for the generosity of some iOS developers, who are prepared to temporarily shun fiscal concerns and offer their wares for free.

Now there are a number of iPhone games available for nothing, but we thought we’d highlight three current offers that we think are worth taking up. First on the list is charming twin-stick blast-em-up Minigore, which earned a Pocket Gamer Bronze Award way back in 2009. It's free for a limited time only.

Secondly, we have quirky puzzler Ancient Frog, which went one better the same year, grasping a Silver Award with its sticky webbed digits. It's OpenFeint's Free Game of the Day, meaning you've got just 24 hours to bag this bargain.

Finally, there’s recent release Chicks vs. Kittens, an arcade-strategy title which sees your mother bird lobbing its freshly-hatched offspring to defend against marauding moggies. This is also free for today only, so grab it while you can.

Ancient Frog
Chicks vs. Kittens