Namco Bandai’s Level-Up event in Dubai this morning revealed a couple of interesting tidbits of 3DS news.

Firstly, the publisher announced a new Ace Combat game for 3DS, in development at Project Aces.

Though the series never saw a release on the DS, this isn’t the first handheld Ace Combat. That honour belongs to Ace Combat Advance for the GBA in 2005, with the franchise making subsequent portable appearances on PSP and iPhone.

No release date was confirmed for the title, nor was it announced whether the game would be all-new or related to this year’s Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, which is coming to HD consoles this autumn.

Meanwhile, RPG Tales of the Abyss was confirmed for a western release. This remake of the 2005 PS2 game was originally planned for a May launch in Japan, though its launch was recently put back until the end of June.

The game is set for a western release in 2012. Although no concrete release window has officially been confirmed, UK magazine NGamer recently suggested it would arrive in spring.