Plunderland pillaged a Pocket Gamer Silver Award when it landed on the fair shores of the App Store last year, and the “fresh and energetic” side-scroller has just received a substantial title update.

Version 1.21 of the game offers a brand new campaign named ‘Revenge on Ice’, which sees your novice crew attempt to recapture the treasure of ghostly mentor Captain Peg Leg.

As well as adding eight new stages, developer Johnny Two Shoes has included a number of options based on fan feedback. These include optional touch controls for the iPad version, while you can now pause the game by holding the top-left corner of the screen rather than having to tilt the device.

The update also features improved audiovisuals, as well as additional weapons, bosses, and items to purchase. To play the new story, you’ll need to buy the Ice Breaker ship with either the in-game coins you’ve plundered through the three previous campaigns, or with 99c/59p of real money.

With player response so important in shaping the fresh content, it’s little wonder that Johnny Two Shoes has also added an in-game feedback button for users to express their opinions on the new campaign.

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