Everyone knows some wise guy who likes to bamboozle his friends with riddles and brainteasers.

He's the sort of person who rejoices when his victims respond to, “Which month has 28 days?” with “February” (the correct answer: all of them).

Stupidness 2 PRO is a compilation of similar questions that play on the ambiguous nature of the English language.

These questions will occasionally test your wit and patience, but don’t expect much more than a glorified collection of brainteasers designed to make you think and ultimately feel clever or stupid according to your aptitude.

Stupid Questions

The only way of playing the game is to tackle a series of 80 questions in order to finish with as high an IQ rating as possible.

Each question must be completed within the allotted time, and after you completed five questions you reach a checkpoint which resets the clock and allows you to restart from that point should you falter later on.

Should you finish with a high IQ, don’t apply to join MENSA as it's got little to do with the real thing. Your IQ decreases the longer it takes you to complete the questions, and a penalty of 15 points is imposed should you need a hint for a particularly troublesome question.

It’s difficult to convey the nature of the questions without spoiling them, but nearly all will attempt to trick you. Some will play on words, while others require intuitive use of the phone’s touchscreen and gyroscopic features.

The first question, for example, will simply ask you to tap a red button three times, while another will ask you to perform the same task with an incorrect counter, forcing you to keep track. Answering a question incorrectly results in a time penalty, meaning there's little margin for error.

Stupid Answers

Every question will keep you on your toes, but once you've completed all 80 questions there's no reason to replay the game.

There's also no option to play without a timer, meaning that those who are too slow or want to answer the questions at their own pace will find it less enjoyable, while constantly having to start from a checkpoint can be frustrating.

If you enjoy brainteasers, Stupidness 2 PRO is a fun distraction that utilises the iPhone’s unique control features. If you don't, this isn't the game to win you round.