While other emulators are dropping like flies thanks to a sudden crackdown by Google (seemingly only directed at ZodTTD’s work, though), a new emulator has popped up to cover the gaping hole in the Android homebrew market.

NDS4Droid is the first (working) DS emulator to find its way onto the market, allowing you to load .nds files that you definitely ripped yourself using a bought copy of the game to your high-end Android handset.

It requires at least a 1GHz non-Snapdragon phone to run, which seems a little excessive given that the machine it’s emulating has barely a fraction of that speed to hand.

However, remember that software emulation (especially during the early stages of development) tends to be less efficient with power than the actual hardware it's mimicking.

The app is currently in a beta state right now, so don’t expect the smoothest or most reliable experience - the sound, for instance, has been disabled.

The developer, Ikari, does appear to be updating frequently, so there’s a good chance it may reach the same levels of stability as the PC versions at a later date.

Anyone purchasing it now would certainly hope so, as the app comes with a fairly hefty price tag of £6.17 (link).

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