[UPDATE: Pocket Gamer would like to acknowledge that in the very likely case - now confirmed - this is an April fool's joke, we were had. Pocket Gamer would also like to point out that the press release was dated and sent on 31 March, so it doesn't count.]

Apple's line of iOS devices will soon have Nintendo 3DS-esque glasses-free 3D, thanks to a new creation from developer Big Head Games.

In a collaboration with Korean tech firm Floorpali, Big Head Games has developed a special plastic film, that, when placed over your device's screen, will provide 3D content to your naked little eyes.

Compatibility with iOS titles will depend on the integration of a BHG SDK.

Speaking about the development, Big Head Games's business director Dave Vout said, “This is truly amazing, it blows away the Nintendo 3DS for size and resolution, it’s just a huge leap forward. We’ve worked very hard with Floorpali to develop something that is cheap but durable enough, this is going to change gaming on the iPad.”

Details of an official unveiling will be announced tomorrow. Expect more information in the near future.