In 1913, suffragette Emily Davison threw herself into the path of King George's horse at the Epsom Derby and died from her injuries.

Hers wasn't the only death attributable to the suffragette movement – far from it – and many of the activists who didn't make the ultimate sacrifice suffered mistreatment and abuse at the hands of the British legal system. All for the right to vote.

Voting is not to be taken for granted, which is why you should cast your vote in the Pocket Gamer Readers' Choice Awards 2011 if you haven't already.

Am I saying the Pocket Gamer Readers' Choice Awards 2011 are the same as universal suffrage? No I'm not – that's not for me to say. If you think the two things are the same I'm sure you have your reasons. Good reasons.

There are four categories – iPhone & iPod touch, iPad, Mobile, and DS & PSP – each with 20 games to choose from. All you need to do is go to the voting page, engage your critical faculties, and click four boxes.

Your votes could mean the difference between a deserving victor taking the prize and equally deserving victor (but not the one you'd have chosen, personally) getting it instead.

Voting ends on April 1st (no fooling), so you've only got three days left to have a say. Get to it.

Click here to go to the voting page.