Carcassonne, the award-winnng German boardgame, is on its way to Android, Java, and BlackBerry courtesy of Exozet Games.

The original game, a stalwart favourite among my boardgaming chums, involves placing tiles to create a ‘land’ that semi-resembles the fortified French town.

Players vie to place their pieces in the most opportune areas as the land takes shape, blocking off others from scoring big with awkward tiles, while trying to make their own areas more profitable for the inevitable showdown.

The three new versions are from a different team that brought the game to the iPhone last year, with Exozet previously the mastermind behind two Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning boardgame conversions: Catan on iPhone and Catan: The Seafarers on Java.

This new version of Carcassonne features a local multiplayer mode for up to five players, The River expansion tile set, and AI opponents with varying skill levels and characteristics.

The game is often regarded as a great ‘gateway’ for players who want something a little more taxing than Monopoly or other familiar boardgames, but don’t want to spend hours trudging through dice charts and all that rubbish, so it should be one to keep an eye on

Carcassonne will be released on Android, Java, and BlackBerry some time this spring.