Welcome to the weekly iPhone Quality Index (Qi) games round-up, giving you the LOWdown on the HIGH scorers every Friday on these hallowed pages.

As you may already know, Qi trawls the web for iPhone game reviews from the world’s most respected online and print sources.

Qi then applies its own magic formula to each site (such as 148Apps, Macworld, and Slide to Play) to establish a single definitive Qi score for each iPhone app and game.

Bear essentials

Cannoning into first place on Qi’s dreamy leaderboard this week flies the lovestruck star of Land-a Panda, whose romantic yet dangerous physics-based exploits have propelled him to a giant 8.8 Qi rating.

The world’s panda population is dying out, so in steps – or rather launches - Big Pixel Studios’s amorous Yang Guang to speed up procreation matters and save the species day.

In order to do that, he must catapult himself into the arms of the gorgeous Tian Tian across 80 varied levels, evading enemies and obstacles as he soars. AppSpy contends that “Land-a Panda is simple, cute and fun – almost everything you could want in a mobile device game.”

Cause and Effect

The aim of Chillingo’s latest cosmic puzzler is straightforward enough: bring orbs of the same colour together. The difficulty lies, however, in avoiding crashing into globes of a DIFFERENT colour, since they make a nasty habit of impeding your progress.

Collision Effect requires a heady mix of co-ordination and timing in both the Action and Puzzle modes, while you try desperately hard not to be distracted by the colourful explosions and trippy sound FX.

Help is at hand, mind, as 148Apps elucidates: “There are also a few power-ups in the game which allow you to protect Zybbles, gain more points, explode additional Zybbles, and slow time to get more/bigger combos.”

Six appeal

Tom Clancy’s counter-terrorist unit Rainbow first infiltrated the videogame compound way back in 1998, tooled to the nines with state-of-the-art tech, including the inordinately useful snake camera.

Fast forward 13 years and the Rainbow boys have crept stealthily under Qi’s radar, with Gameloft’s spin on this iconic FPS pocketing five fantastic reviews in under 48 hours for an elite 8.4 score.

You can get the up-to-date information about which games are reviewing best over at the Quality Index.