Retro platformer Meganoid has just received its first major update, which adds ten new levels, a new character, and an ultra-hard difficulty mode “for the real die-hards” out there.

Meganoid has managed to accumulate over 100,000 downloads on the Android Market since its release last week thanks to its striking visual style, chip-tune sounds, and uncompromising gameplay.

The objective is to gather up diamonds hidden in each of the stages and reach the exits without succumbing to a premature death at the hands of a variety of nasty obstacles (like spikey pits of death).

Don’t expect fancy-pants modern inventions like a health bar, though - one hit is all it takes to send your plucky character to the great platform in the sky (otherwise known as the start of the level).

You can download the title for free from the Android Market by using this link.