EA has revealed more details on upcoming iOS and Android RPG Dragon Age: Legends, which is already playable on Facebook.

The title’s producer, Ethan Levy, told Pocket Gamer that the new versions of the game will require you to be a member of the social networking site.

It'll be free to play, like the Facebook version, and there will also be optional micro-transactions allowing to expand your castle or buy the more powerful potions more easily.

“Currently, the html5 interface is an extension of the Facebook game,” says Levy, “players can interact with their castle on the go and collect friends gold from their smart phone. We have plans to extend the functionality of the html5 client in the future, but haven’t announced any public facing plans.”

An exact release date has not been announced, but Levy says that Dragon Age: Legends will definitely be out "this month" on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.