A week after cutting the price on the PSP-3000, and months ahead of the impending NGP release, Sony has dropped $50 from the price of a brand new PSPgo.

The slide-out-screened PSPgo is a digital download-only device with no UMD drive. It has suffered badly at retail, mostly because the games on Sony’s PlayStation Store are generally more expensive than their physical equivalents.

The console originally cost $249 when it launched in late 2009. A year later, the price dropped to $199. And now the little system that couldn’t is just $149.99, according to Sony’s official PSP site.

We probably won’t see a price drop on the £130 to £160 PSPgo in Europe.

When the 3000 went cheap in the US, Sony said “We have nothing to say at this time regarding the price of PSP within the SCEE region. PSP has been performing particularly well in Europe so far this year and we look forward to sharing some exciting plans that we have for PSP throughout the year.”