Violent cyberpunk sports fans rejoice: Speedball 2 Evolution has finally made it to the App Store.

This Amiga classic follows teams of hulking armoured men who injure each other in the name of sport. Think Madden meets The Running Man and you're pretty much there.

While preserving the bloody-nosed fun of the Bitmap Brothers's original, this new version also adds some modern features to the roster.

There's local multiplayer, an upgradable transfer market, and the option to control the game using a new tilt-based control scheme, as well as Game Center support.

Speedball 2 Evolution's road to release has been a long one. After a couple of delays following its announcement last year, it appeared briefly in the New Zealand App Store four days ago, but was then mysteriously pulled. It's still unclear why this happened, but the fact that the current version is 1.1 suggests that there was a kink or two to iron out.

Speed Ball 2 Evolution is priced £2.39 / $3.99 / €2.99.

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