”Basically, you can forget about Angry Birds, it's all about this happy hopeful bird” - Aldex Oun, iTunes “Looks great, fast paced, easy to play but a fun challenge. Perfect if you only have a few minutes to play. Good stuff” - Andrew Roche, iTunes “The twits on twitter are losing their shit over it” - Mark Brown, Skype

These endorsements can only be for one one game. Casual bird-flinger Tiny Wings quietly hit the App Store last week and has since amassed an impressive chorus of fans.

A quick search for references to the game on Twitter turns up endless references to (paraphrasing) 'the next big thing' and 'the next Angry Birds'. It's currently got five stars on iTunes, from 1482 ratings.

All the buzz seems to have helped. After just six days on the App Store Tiny Wings – developed and published by Andreas Illinger – has stormed to the top of the UK App Store top ten chart by downloads, and to second place in the top ten by revenue, putting it ahead of Angry Birds in both counts.

The full charts, valid on the Thursday 24th February, are below. Expect a review very soon.
Top Downloaded

Tiny Wings
Angry Birds
What's App Messenger
Icon Skins - Home Screens
Camera Plus
Fruit Ninja
Cut the Rope
Doodle Jump
101-in-1 Games
TuneIn Radio

Top Grossing Tap Zoo
Tiny Wings
TomTom UK and Ireland
Angry Birds
Smurfs' Village
Football Manager
Call of Duty: Zombies
What's App Messenger
TomTom Western Europe

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