Godzilab has dropped us a line to say that the troubled version of iBlast Moki on Windows Phone 7 has received its first major update, which should solve many of the issues players have encountered with the game.

For HD7 owners, this means that the controls in the menus have been tightened up, while for everyone else the 1.1 update does away with the cursed Purple Screen of Confusion that blighted certain handsets on the game’s initial release.

The team has also spent some time tweaking the gameplay so that gold medals on some of the stages aren’t quite so hard to earn, while a tutorial has been added for those not familiar with the iPhone smash.

The iOS version managed to secure a Pocket Gamer Silver Award when it was released back in 2009, so the base physics-puzzle gameplay has good pedigree behind it.

We’ve unleashed our crack team of review ninjas to pick the WP7 version apart with shurikens, so stay tuned for our review over the next few days.