NIS America will be publishing Nicalis’s PC and WiiWare indie darling Cave Story on the Nintendo 3DS. And to kick things off, the publisher has released a trailer and tidal wave of artwork for the upcoming adventure game.

Cave Story 3D is a side-scrolling shooter, with the game’s squat red-hatted spelunker trying to escape an eerie series of catacombs and caves. You’ve got a natty little gun, limited flight abilities, and a sprawling labyrinth of underground areas to explore.

For the 3DS edition, the entire game has been fully reconstructed in 3D to give a better sense of depth to every stage, and to show off Cave Story’s unique architecture. Despite the added dimension, the game is still a strictly 2D affair, and operates on a single plane.

You can see all the artwork, concept drawings and character designs in the gallery, above. Cave Story 3D is coming this summer.

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