Yesterday should have been a day for developers to learn and celebrate all things Nokia at the Mobile World Congress via one of the company's many 'Developers Days' it runs regularly through the year.

But emotions were still running high if the community message board – a place where attendees were free to post whatever message they wanted to say to Nokia at the event - was anything to go by.

As can be seen in the image, comments such as “Why WP7. Symbian Rules!” don't send across a very positive reaction to the recent switch to WP7, especially as this was at least the second time the board had been 'reset' during the day, earlier editions plastered with anti-MS and WP7 post-it notes.

Talking to Pocket Gamer, Herocraft CEO Pavel Prokonich called the Nokia-Microsoft move “a big surprise”, citing problems in dealing with Microsoft in the past as a major concern for the future.