A significant number of Samsung Galaxy tabs are being returned by dissatisfied users.

Returns figures from around 6,000 wireless stores have been investigated by US Wall Street firm ITG Investment Research, showing that over one in ten users of the device have sought a refund. Not great news for a device that only went on sale in November last year.

According to ITG’s figures, 13 per cent returned the iPad rival by the end of December, with that figure rising to 16 per centby January 15th. That’s eight times the iPad return rate, set at 2 per cent in Verizon stores.

Oddly enough, the reason behind this influx of returns doesn’t seem to lie in any technical fault of the tablet itself. Consumers simply seem to be disappointed in the device.

Considering the generally warm critical reception the tablet received (including a Silver Award from Pocket Gamer), these figures are very surprising.