Game Dev Story is responsible for the loss of more working hours than the apocalyptic snow storms of 2010/11. And it's now available for just 59p/99c - a reduction from £2.39/$3.99.

The game sees you take the role of a fledgling developer whose ultimate aim is the win the coveted game of the year. This is achieved by expanding your company from a simple four-bit operation to a development powerhouse that produces one hit game after another

This charming game development simulation pays tribute to the developments that have occurred in gaming over the last twenty years or so, letting you develop games for consoles such as the ‘Game Kid’ or ‘Nintendro IES’.

Pocket Gamer's Jon Mundy was able to overlook the various glitches that afflict the game, giving it an impressive Silver Award on review and praising the game for its addictive gameplay and sense of humour. Saying goodbye to productivity has never been so cheap.