“I could get Angry Birds running on Windows Phone 7 in under a week,” says indie Windows Phone 7 developer Jabberworx.

In fact, he’s so fed up of waiting for Rovio to release its 10 million sold-iPhone blockbuster on Microsoft’s smartphone that he’s done the job himself.

“While Angry Birds was made with a budget of €100,000, this game was made for much less than $1000,” the developer writes.

His game, Chicks’n’Vixens is - predictably - about firing feathered friends at precarious structures, and exploiting the laws of physics to let the glass, wood and concrete its tumble down on the foxes inside.

Also, some of the chickens have special attributes, activated by tapping the screen midflight.

Right now the game is in beta and completely free. But, more than anything, he hopes his app will function as a wake up call to the Angry Birds developer. “No offense Rovio, but if a two bit hack like me can do this much you should be able to do better,” he writes.


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