Independent development team Liv Games has released its highly anticipated debut iOS outing.

As previously mentioned, Legendary Wars merges the castle defence genre with aspects of both RPG and RTS titles.

After more than a year in the making, the game's light-hearted fantasy world – Legendaria – has been designed with a broad spectrum of gamers in mind.

Fantasy adventures

Your mission is to explore the detailed landscapes of Legendaria and unravel the secrets surrounding the mysterious 'Sunstones'.

Legendary Wars boasts 50 stages of action, multiple hours of progression, and battles that can be fought in mere minutes- perfect for a mobile device.

Individually controlled units – such as Elven archers, wizards and unicorns – are coupled with unique special abilities, numerous boss encounters, and hordes of varied enemies.

Each unit has upgradable stats, new armour to obtain, and powerful combat abilities to use in battle. Players can also mine resources and collect battle spoils to fortify defences and upgrade units.

A number of arcade mini-games, three extra unlockable game modes, and multiple difficulty levels are also included to bolster gameplay.

Legendary Wars is available for all second-gen and above iDevices for £1.79 / $2.99.