Doodle Jump is the most successful paid-for app on the App Store ever, and received a deserved Silver Award from us when it was reviewed.

Despite its popular and critical success, though, there remained this lingering feeling that something was missing.

We didn’t know what this was until recently, but we’re now fairly sure that the game would benefit from having the Easter Bunny, voiced by Russell Brand, as a playable character. Fortunately, a new partnership between developer Lima Sky and Universal Pictures means that this minor flaw has been rectified.

To celebrate the April release of Hop, the new movie from Universal and Illumination Entertainment, Doodle Jump will receive an update in February that will allow you to unlock a secret Easter level and play as main character E.B.

Hop is a live action/CGI comedy that tells the story of an out-of-work slacker who accidentally injures the Easter Bunny (played by Mr. Katy Perry) and must look after him while he recovers.

Calvin Lim, Director of Mobile for Universal Partnerships and Licensing said that “A movie as creative as Hop calls for an equally creative launch into consumers’ consciousness,” while Igor Pusenjak, president and founder of Lima Sky, commented “To have pre-wrap">Doodle Jump involved with the launch of a major motion picture demonstrates how influential apps have become in just a few short years.”

While this may not be earth-shattering news, it does demonstrate how successful apps have been in entering the mainstream media, and could certainly signal the start of similar partnerships. Hopefully, that'll mean more free content for players.

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