Arcade game Tilt to Live will soon offer a new cooperative multiplayer mode hints developer One Man Left.

In a post made to the company's Twitter feed, the indie developer teased a forthcoming update to the game that introduces multiplayer.

The image linked to in the post depicts a waiting screen that asks for you to "Have your partner select 'Join Game' on their device."

Use of the word "partner" suggests that the update will offer cooperative multiplayer. Furthermore, since the screen asks for "your partner" to join your hosted game, multiplayer apparent is local and not online.

It's uncertain if the update is planned for all three iOS devices - iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad - or if it will only apply to the iPhone and iPod touch version of the game.

Despite the initial limited release, we've enjoyed the straightforward arcade action of Tilt to Live, particularly given the well-designed updates that have added new modes and features. The promise of multiplayer is enough to pique my interest.

Tilt to Live is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad; the iPhone and iPod touch version is £1.99/$2.99, whereas the iPad version is free.

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