Despite high-profile games like The Legend of Zelda and Kid Icarus Uprising missing the 3DS’s launch date, Nintendo of America chief Reggie Fils-Aime argues that the console has “a fantastic launch library” and “the best” third-party launch games “we've ever had for a launch of a new system".

Only three Nintendo-made games will join the console at launch. There’s the doggy and kitty pet simulator Nintendogs + Cats, lush flying game Pilotwings Resort and submarine sim Steel Diver, which Fis-Aime describes as “awfully compelling”.

Those games will be joined by 27 third-party games, and Fils-Aime points towards releases like Super Street Fighter IV 3D and Dead or Alive Dimensions to plump up your launch day purchases.

Games like Mario Kart, Zelda and Kid Icarus will be out “soon”, but not before E3 in July this year. The Nintendo boss promises more information on those release dates at the US gaming expo.

Well, it’s certainly better than the US launch line-up for the DS, which only had one Nintendo game - Super Mario 64 DS - and five crappy third-party games.