It's fair to say that the iPhone has played host to a number of inventive Twitter apps since the launch of the App Store back in 2008.

Super Twario is a fine example of this, merging aspects of the retro platformer Mario with the world of hashtags and followfriday's.

Twimon is a new app in the same vein, combining Twitter, Pokemon, and Foursquare.

Upon opening Twimon for the very first time, you are gifted with an egg. Tapping the egg, tweeting to your followers, or simply allowing time to elapse will nurture the egg and in turn produce a monster.

Once born, your monster can be sent to fight in various real-world locations, with the aim of capturing outposts and bagging yourself more monster eggs.

Monsters can be levelled up with various Twitter activities granting them EXP. As they grow, monstrous – and sometimes rare – changes can occur.

Twimon is a free title that's available right now on the App Store. Click on the iTunes link below to take a closer look.