One of the best turn-based RGPs on the App Store, Dicework and Crescent Moon's Rimelands has just been updated.

Gaining support for Retina displays and the iPad screen, it's now been converted to a universal app for iPhone and iPad.

And in celebration, the $4.99 price has been cut to $1.99, at least until January 18.

Other additions include content that can be unlocked when you've finished the game including two new levels, three new and extremely challenging bosses, six new enemies, various new items, and assorted bug fixes.

Get on the grid

As for the game, it's a 10 hour turn-based romp through a steampunk universe that has you exploring dozen of dungeons, collecting hundreds of items, weapons and armour to equip, plus working through a neat skill tree for your chosen character class.

There's also an engineering option, in which items can be dismantled for parts used to build new equipment from blueprints.

When I reviewed it, I gave it a Pocket Gamer Silver award of 8/10 saying: "Rimelands: Hammer of Thor fits snugly into the turn-based role-playing genre, but offers enough variation to keep the action fresh and exciting."

You can check out how it plays in the following video.

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