You might remember Capcom’s iPhone and iPad game MaXplosion, which hit the App Store earlier this month.

The auto-explosive hero, science lab backdrops, and detonation-based platforming was all eerily reminiscent of Twisted Pixel’s Xbox Live Arcade game ‘Splosion Man.

Recently, developers at the Texas-based download studio have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions on the game.

“MaXplosion gameplay video makes me sad,” programmer Mike Henry tweeted. “If you're going to outright steal a game, you should at least understand what makes it fun.” In a later response, he said “borrowing is great. Hell, we do it all the time. But that game is a complete theft.”

Co-founder and CEO Michael Wilford said “Not sure what to say about MaXplosion. Pisses me off.” Wilford also revealed that the company unsuccessfully pitched 'Splosion Man to Capcom, when it was in development for XBLA.

“Just sucks because we're too small to do anything about it, and I bet Capcom's counting on that,” he says.

But if legal action is out of the question, there’s always one-upmanship. “Guess we're just gonna have to make a better iPhone game than them,” says Wilford. “Shouldn't be hard.”

'Splosion Man

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