With over 40,000 sales to-date, Crescent Moon's RPG Aralon: Sword and Shadow has been very successful, particularly as it launched in the mayhem before Christmas, and at $6.99.

Still, there's always room from improvement, as we pointed out in our review. Which is why the game is getting an update.

Polished up

Submitted yesterday, the new content includes the ability for the Ranger class to summon a Spirit Wolf companion, and adjusted pricing in the merchant shops.

Other improvements are mainly technical and bug fixes, including better stability for second generation iOS devices, improved performance across all devices, music volume control, and tweaks to the loot window, targetting, NPC spawning and save game dialog. The game day and hour details are now also included in save file descriptions.

Perhaps more exciting however is news of what's coming down the line. Available soon will be a fourth playable class - the Paladin - and enhanced user interface for iPad users.

Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD is available for iPhone and iPad, now priced $9.99, €7.99 or £5.99.

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