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Players comments
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The world needs a hero!
The Emperor’s daughter is in danger and needs your help! Face your enemies and explore the world to save your princess from a terrible curse! Use the ancestral ninja arts to fight hordes of enemies, destroy objects, avoid traps and many other dangers. Chop Chop Ninja is a fun and intuitive platformer specifically designed for the iPhone & iPod Touch!


No virtual joystick or buttons! You only need one finger to run, move and fight multiple opponents.

Climb, jump, fly, bounce off walls, push objects and interact with the environment.

Ten unique levels, special abilities and hidden objects to collect in each level.

Iro-san may be a cute little character, but he is a true ninja. He will show everyone that you should never judge someone because of his size!


- 2D platformer adventure
- Beat-em-up with frantic fights
- Fun & Easy touch controls
- Colorful cartoon graphics
- Hidden objects to collect on each level
- Replay levels to beat your time and score
- Ten different environments to explore
- Special attacks & power-ups
- And many more surprises…


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