You may have noticed that imaginative pixel-art fantasy game Sword & Sworcery: EP missed its December 2010 release date.

But the game’s tardiness is not due to laziness or all-night video game binges. Developer Superbrothers tells us that it's grown immensely since its original inception. “The project began with the idea of an EP, a record that's short & sweet. As the project evolved, it grew,” Superbrothers’s Craig D. Adams tells Pocket Gamer.

“Now S:S&S EP is approaching its final state and size & we're going through it from end to end, and we're increasingly excited at the prospect of sharing it with y'all.” So while the development team still can’t offer up an exact date, they’re confident that it will hit early this year.

If you’ve forgotten, Sword & Sworcery: EP is a beautiful and atmospheric fantasy game, with an epic overworld to explore and Punch-Out style brawls against the game’s many foes. It will be hitting the iPhone and iPad this year.

In the meantime, Superbrothers has shared a track from Sword & Sworcery, courtesy of Mr Jim Guthrie, on its blog.

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