It was a bit of a shock when news of Honeycomb, now officially Android 3.0, first leaked out onto the Internet last year.

It wasn’t that the idea of Google releasing an update for its rapidly growing Android platform was surprising in itself, but that it came at the same time as the announcement of Gingerbread - the current version.

However, fears of the company further stoking the fires of the fragmentation brigade have been (slightly) quashed at CES 2011. During Google's video unveiling of Android 3.0 it revealed that the OS has been "built entirely for tablets."

This doesn’t necessarily mean that smartphone users won’t one day get their own version of Honeycomb, but it does seem to suggest that such an update isn’t on the cards any time soon.

The presentation went on to demonstrate a completely overhauled interface that lacks almost every element that made previous versions of Android look like, well, Android. So the top bar’s been cleaned up, and there are lots of swishing-swooshing animations when navigating.

You can see YouTube user minipcpro’s video of the presentation below.

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