Even within the niche of sports management games, greyhound racing is a fairly specialist pursuit.

Still, as a developer of specialist sports management games, including horse racing, it makes complete sense for UK outfit Strategic Designs to bring the latest version of its PC greyhound game to iPad.

Out of the traps

Covering all aspects of the sport from racing, training, breeding and gambling, Greyhound Manager 2 is a season-based experience that provides you with the options required to build up your kennel and get your dogs to the top of the sport.

The type of races available include graded, trial, hurdle and handicaps, which occur across day and night and different weather cycles.

You'll also have to win through heats, semi finals and finals, including the highlight of the Greyhound Derby, while your dogs could be blocked, impeded or bumped by the other dogs, providing additional randomness.

Round and round

Based on the UK sport, the game is set around the 28 national circuits, while there are over 100 computer controlled trainers to race against, and thousands of dogs.

Greyhound Manager 2 is available for iPad, priced £6.49, $10.99 or €8.99.

You can get an impression how it plays in this video of the PC version.

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