Not to be confused with Cut the Rope or You Have To Burn The Rope, Thumpies developer Big Blue Bubble has released Burn the Rope on iPhone and iPod touch.

Your job is to burn the rope. Obviously. But as fire only burns upwards you’ll need to twist and turn your device to keep the flame alive and travelling. Couple this with multiple flames on lots of lengths of rope, and you’ve got one original, but tricky, puzzle game.

Plus, insects that crawl along the string have different reactions to being burned: ants change the colour of your flame so you can scorch red or blue strands, while spiders shoot out web bridges to connect separate bits of rope.

The game comes packed with 80 levels (and the developer promises to add more soon), and some cute cut-scenes and menu graphics.

And, over Christmas, the game is on sale. Until December 28th, you can pick up Burn the Rope for just 59p / 99c / €0.79c on iPhone and iPod touch.