One of the very finest JRPG games ever made is on its way to Japanese mobiles next spring, according to a teaser site recently launched by Square Enix.

Chrono Trigger was a ground-breaking release on the SNES, blending in the traditional turn-based JRPG combat with no random battles and multiple endings based on what time you decided your team was ready to take on the final boss.

It focuses around the exploits of Chrono, who - due to a series of unfortunate events - finds himself and a few of his chums accidentally changing the past and stumbling upon a dormant evil that ends up destroying the future.

It’s rated by many (including myself) as an absolute peach of a game, mainly due to the engaging battle mechanics, excellent characters, and twisty plotline, so its appearance on mobiles is an exciting prospect.

Alas, currently there’s no word on if the game will receive a western release on either Java or the more powerful systems like iOS, despite both recently playing host to a number of Square Enix's classics like Final Fantasy I and Secret of Mana.

We’ve contacted Square Enix for more information.

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