After a long hiatus, Bolt Creative has released yet another episode for the Polynesian pygmy sacrifice game Pocket God.

The irreverant episodic god game allows you to torture, maim, and slaughter pygmies in a variety of twisted ways, with a wide selection of powers at your fingertips.

Episode 36: Konkey Dong adds a giant gorilla who features in his own pygmy kidnapping mini-game with five challenging levels of boulder jumping, ladder climbing, and beetle bashing action.

Other new features include a Japanese skin pack, complete with origami dodos, and the custom Fishmas pack with the incredibly silly Fishmas Carol dance.

Pocket God is also available on Android, WP7, and now on Facebook with exclusive content and a social advancement system.

Pocket God Episode 36: Konkey Dong is available on the App Store now for 59p / 99c.