A massive, free update to iPhone and iPad cops ‘n’ crooks racer Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit lets you put down your badge and state-issued police helmet and play through the lengthy Career mode as a law-evading criminal.

So you’ll get everything you need to be a professional crook: 15 new motors (ten of which are criminal versions of cop cars, and five of which are exclusive to racers), three handy weapons (overdrive, jamming, and a slippery oil slick) and the ability to pimp your ride with colour customisation options.

Then, you can take these new toys into the racer’s Career mode, which has 24 events across four different modes, and a full set of achievements. You’ve also got more modes in quick play, and more vehicles for playing in local head-to-head showdowns over wi-fi and Bluetooth.

If you’re quick, you can still get this adrenaline-filled racer - which now feature 48 events and over 30 vehicles - for just 59p / 99c / €0.79c. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit available for that special price up until Christmas, on iPhone and iPad.