The iPhone version of Square Enix's landmark SNES RPG Secret of Mana has just gone live in New Zealand, which means it's making its way to North American and European shores.

Secret of Mana was lauded as a classic when it was released way back in 1993, representing the pinnacle of 16-bit role-playing action. The game balances the real-time combat of early Legend of Zelda games with the depth and scale usually associated with Square Enix's flagship RPG series Final Fantasy.

You'll take control of sword-wielding hero Randi as he battles the evil empire for control of the world's magical Mana. It's a sprawling journey, with friends and foes to meet along the way, and eight all-powerful elementals to recruit in your struggle.

The game was the first RPG to pioneer a command wheel for quickly accessing items and equipment in battle - a concept that's been picked up by countless action games since. It's a neat touch that allows traditional RPG depth to stand shoulder to shoulder with hack and slash action. The iPhone's touchscreen should make this even more intuitive.

Secret of Mana's NZ price is $12.99, which should translate to $8.99/ £5.49/ €6.99.