Madfinger Games has revealed that it will be releasing an Android version of its well-received action sequel Samurai II: Vengence early next year.

The developer tweeted this info just a couple of hours ago: “MADFINGER Games is proud to announce Samurai II: Vengeance for Android devices will be released early next year !!”

Which doesn’t really offer any new insight on what we’ve said already, does it? Sorry.

Samurai II is a visually opulent action game set in feudal Japan, where you - as the titular sword-bearing knight - must fight your way through hordes of enemies.

The original attracted criticism for implementing a fiddly gesture-based control system, which the sequel rectified with good old fashioned virtual controls. It resulted in one of the finest action experiences of the last part of 2010.

That’s on iPhone, of course. We’ll have to see how the Android conversion fares in 2011.

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