I Love Strawberries is not, as you might expect, a recipe app or a fruit-lover's memoir. It's Atari’s new casual platformer on the iPhone and iPad. It represents the publisher’s first original iOS game from its new casual and mobile initiative, Atari GO.

The Coffee Stain Studios-developed game sees you take on the role of Box Boy, who has an inexplicable addiction to strawberries. Box Boy must reach the giant strawberry at the end of each level in the fewest jumps possible while also avoiding the various traps threat threaten his progress.

Gold, Silver or Bronze medals are awarded depending on your score in a similar vein to Angry Birds or Cut The Rope’s star system. Points are awarded for eating the smaller strawberries that litter each of the 45 levels spread across five different worlds and by completing fewer jumps than the ‘par’ score.

Game Center support is included while Facebook integration allows you to share your progress with your friends. I Love Strawberries is available for 59p / 99c.