Thunder Game Works is nearing submission on an update for iPhone strategy game Trenches and its spin-off Stenches, bringing online multiplayer to the battlefield through Game Center.

Trenches will see the addition of co-op play for Skirmish, Zombie Horde, and King of the Trenches modes, with both the latter and Battle mode heading up the competitive front.

Similarly, you’ll now be able to hold off hordes of zombies with a friend as Stenches also receives a co-operative update. However, perhaps the best inclusion in this update, is the ability to become one of the walking dead as you attempt to eat the brains of the British Forces.

In-game chat will be included with both updates allowing you to either strategise, or smack-talk as you play along.

Both updates may be available shortly before Christmas depending on Apple and its approval process. Trenches and Stenches are currently available for both iPhone and iPod touch at 59p / 99c.

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