Perhaps it's not suprising that there aren't too many karaoke games on iOS devices.

Fine for iPhones and iPad, earlier iPod touches don't have inbuilt microphones, limiting the genre's accessibility.

But as support for first and second gen hardware is slowly phased out, so we expect to see more games like Staraoke.


Well, not exactly like Staraoke, of course.

Originally a PC game that became a hit television show in Finland, it's designed for elementary school age children, letting them control a cartoon character by singing along to various songs.

Three are included at launch - Old MacDonald had a farm, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Brother John, while additional tracks will be made available in future.

The software is driven by the singer's pitch and keeps the character on the path unless they go off key, and there's also a Contest mode for up to four people, enabling it to become family entertainment.

"I am a father myself so I wouldn't want to produce games that I wouldn't let my own child play," explained Mika Heikinheimo, CEO of developer Beiz.

"We do our best to make games that are not digital babysitters but have some real value for children.”

Staraoke is out now for iPhone and iPod touch (third gen+) priced $2.99, €2.39 or £1.79, or in an HD iPad version, priced $3.99, €2.99 or £2.39.

And here's the video trailer.

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