Gameloft’s second stab at the action-RPG genre, Dungeon Hunter 2, has just arrived on the New Zealand App Store, meaning that it should wash up on UK shores at around midnight.

Dungeon Hunter 2 takes a Diablo approach to the ARPG, with a full-blown four-player co-op mode (online and offline) via Gameloft Live available at launch, as well as random dungeons and maps for every game.

The skills and items have received a massive boost in terms of numbers, with every one of the three primary classes now able to split into two specialised varients of a class.

Dungeon Hunter 2 is priced just shy of 10 NZ$, so we’d expect it to be £3.99 / $6.99 / €5.49 when it goes live on those App Stores.

If you’re a little too impatient for our exhaustive review, you can always read about our experience with a near complete build from last week.