Zero Punctuation’s Yahtzee, the Aussie king of caustic criticism and frequent ball jokes, is surprisingly pleasant about the whole iPhone thing in his latest video.

The usually acerbic critic chucked aside console games this week to give a round-up of the most popular iPhone games.

But if you were expecting a deluge of ball, fart, and bum jokes at the expense of Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Cut the Rope, you're mistaken. The only target for his rage is the almighty Apple: Yahtzee likens developing for the App Store to being sodomised by a personified iPhone.

Angry Birds is “quite fun”, he completed every Cut the Rope level to three-star completion, and Fruit Ninja has a “zen like appeal”. Has the iPhone gaming scene warmed the cockles of Yahtzee’s heart? I’m sure he’d have a joke about “cockles”, at least.

He wasn’t overly keen on Doodle God, describing it as “the most frustrating aspect of point-and-click adventure games taken out and put in a big, annoying spotlight that keeps calling you thick.”

You can watch his iPhone review round-up at The Escapist.

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