You may have already opened your advent calender, gobbled down the disgusting “chocolate” treat inside, and tried to work out the correlation between a picture of Santa Claus and the nativity scene.

But there’s still one more treat for today: Gameloft has slashed the price of cult classic PS1 racer Driver, making it free for the whole of December 1st. It’s the first of 24 special gifts that the iPhone publishing giant has in store for you over the Yuletide month.

The retro-styled racer is all about taking blackmarket gigs for the city’s seedy underbelly of crooks and criminals. You’ll be delivering packages, smashing up other drivers, avoiding the coppers and listening to catchy '70s music on the radio.

The controls are a bit finicky and frustrating, but if you can get a handle on them, its a brilliant little gift for free. Get it while it lasts, though: the sale ends at midnight.

Driver is available now on iPhone and iPod touch for nada, zilch, nothing.