Somehow designers can always come up with another way when it comes to making games based on coloured blocks.

And so it is with Appular's Push Panic.

On first inspection, it seems a little simple. Coloured blocks fall down the screen and you tap on blocks of the same colour to highlight them; tapping on one of them again makes them disappear in a shower of points.

What's in the block?

You have to ensure the blocks don't fill up to the panic bar, of course, but that seems pretty much to be it.

The trick is you also have to fulfill certain objectives such as only being able to select 50 blocks in order to get the points you need to unlock the next level.

Drop multipler power ups, multiple colour strings, time freezes, and bombs into the mix, and things start to get really interesting.

There are four modes.

Classic mode consists of 50 levels in which you advance by completing objectives and earning bronze, silver or gold medals. In the Colour Panic mode, you're only allowed eight blocks of the same colour on the screen at once, while in Time Panic, you only have 180 seconds to get a high score.

Finally, the Score Panic mode gives you an unlimited amount of time and endless gameplay, although the block drop rate increases every 30 seconds.

Leaderboards and achievements are supported via Game Center and OpenFeint

Push Panic is out now for iPhone and iPod touch, priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p.

You can see how it plays in the following video.

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