We announced a couple of weeks ago that Gamevil had opted not to put Baseball Superstars 2009 out to pasture now that the iPhone version was two releases old.

Rather, the developer re-released the original iPhone slugger as a free version.

Despite the fact that the 2011 version isn’t out on the platform yet, the same move has now been made on Android. Baseball Superstars LE (as it is now called) is available at no charge, but those smart cookies at Gamevil will continue to pick up revenue through ad-funding.

So if you don’t mind having the second-best version of the sports-RPG hybrid on Android, and you’re not averse to pop-up adverts, you could do a whole lot worse then pick up this blast from the past.

It’s also the perfect entry point for the series if the Lite version of BS2010 is too slight for you.