It's already been downloaded over one million times, has over 100,000 daily players and is one of the freemium games in the Top Grossing charts.

So, apart from some early gremlins with the servers, Gun Bros. has been good news for publisher Glu Mobile.

We caught up with producer Seungwon Parkto find out what we should expect next.

Pocket Gamer: What makes Gun Bros. stand out from other twin-stick shooters?

Michael Breslin: We really feel we’ve redefined the topdown shooter with a game that has a lot of depth, persistent, customisable, and growing characters, and a social element that ties into the core gameplay in a way that’s never been done before.

Which aspects of Gun Bros. are you most proud of?

Above everything else, the game is just fun to play. We took great care in assuring that we created gameplay and content that core gamers would get excited about, while also making sure that the barrier of entry is kept low for our more casual gamers.

On top of that, the seamless social integration and reward systems really helped create a community that allows Gun Bros. to become viral in its own right.

Are there any aspects of the game you aren't completely satisfied with?

The game includes a huge amount of content, but we always wished we could launch with even more.

We have an extremely long backlog of ideas for amazing new weapons, armours, power ups, and environmental gameplay elements that we plan to deliver on in the coming months.

What new innovations can players expect from future updates?

On top of adding more gear in the store, we’re also exploring different game modes, and more exciting environmental gameplay elements.

Cerberus Prime included the exploding barrels and Haven has the time slowing device. We will definitely continue to build on this idea of each environment having a unique and exciting interactive gameplay element.

As far as game modes goes, the waves of enemies has proven tried and true, but we’re exploring the possibilities of multiple, different game modes that would allow us to add a layer of depth and variety to our existing gameplay.

You've had some teething problems with the servers, what steps have you taken
resolve them?

The response to Gun Bros. has been tremendous right off the bat. With the overwhelming initial response have come some setbacks in terms of being able to handle the massive influx of new players.

We’ve been working around the clock to rectify these issues, and to ensure that our players have a seamless online experience. I am happy to report that we have made huge strides in this respect, our servers are up and running and we will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Any plans to include multiplayer co-op in the future?

This is a popular topic! Real time co-op is definitely something that is on our wish list of things to do. If Gun Bros. proves to have the longevity that we hope it will, you can be sure that we’ll do whatever is right for the product, as well as its fans.

Will players ever have a way to earn War Bucks without paying for them?

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the virtual economy within Gun Bros. I can definitely say that we are always considering new options to drive this economy and allow everyone to have access to the content that they want.

With the constant re-evaluation, tuning, and feedback, there may just be some surprises in store for every one of our users.

What can you tell us about other projects you're working on right now? Do you have anything exciting in the pipeline?

Personally speaking, my focus still is and will continue to be on Gun Bros, but we have big plans in store for our fans, and we hope to be able to continue adding fresh and exciting content that will keep players coming back for many months to come.

Thanks to Seungwon for his time.